Bodywork has not begun yet, but will shortly. One of the first major tasks to take place will be to replace the floor pans which are rotted out on the underside, and also the heater channels. I have not confirmed it yet, but I believe the rear luggage compartment will need to be at least patched up. Once I have the car's structural integrity solidified, I will then have the entire car media blasted and begin work on the cosmetics (dents, minor rust repair/patching). Once I have the car as straight as possible, I will then go through the painting process. I do not plain on painting the car myself but I will attempt to do a lot of the prep work. I will paint the car OEM black as it first came off the assembly line in 1966.

The left heater channel and floor pan

The right heater channel and floor pan

As you can see there is a good bit of rust on the floorpans. Fortunately it appears the door pillars are in pretty good shape so the heater channel replacement can go a "little" smoother.