This page will keep you updated on the current status of the project and a financial total section to track the cost of the project.

Engine: Both engines have been torn down so I am currently in the process of documenting the teardown. Not many parts will be used from the two engines, but they gave me the perspective of how an engine is supposed to look like. I am now selling parts that are still useful, but I didn't feel would be best to put in my engine build since I want it to be top notch.

Aside from the engine case, not much will be kept. I have or will be selling the alternator, starter, engine shroud, distributor, and other miscellaneous parts to help raise funds for brand spankin' new parts.

Bodywork: After a short look at the floorpans and heater channels it is apparent that they will need to be replaced. Good news is that I have free access to a welder so that will help drive costs down. After tearing down the car, I can get a decent idea of what kind of shape the entire body is in.


Please note: Some prices I may have bought on sale, or prices (as they do in the automotive industry) could have changed. I am merely offering this information as a loose guide as to what to expect.

Description Price
1965 Beetle w/o engine
2 used 1600 Dual Port Engines
Santana Crank Pulley
Teflon Wristpin Buttons

Case Machine Work

- full flow, bore to 90.5, align bore + shipping

044 Magnum Cylinder Heads w/ dual springs