To provide a detailed and informative account of the restoration of a classic Volkswagen Beetle from the perspective of the "everyman".

I embarked upon this project around October 2006 on a whim. I had always heard that these cars were easy to work on. Having very little mechanical expertise but wanting to learn how to wrench on cars I was intrigued by the prospect of building my own car, essentially from scratch, and with minimal help from a professional.

The all too common questions from people new to this hobby are "is this something I can do on my own?" and "how much will it cost me?" Inevitably, these people will get varying and often conflicting reasons, due to differing opinions and the situations surrounding every build.

So I decided to start this website to document how much a project like this costs, and all the tips and frustrations I come across along the way. Success or failure, it will be an accurate account of what it takes to restore a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle from one person's perspective.

I hope you enjoy this site, learn a thing or two ( I know I will), and most of all I hope it gives you the courage to take on your own Beetle project.


Alex Nunemaker